Welcome to Response Diagnostics We specialise in all types of auto electrical repairs and diagnostic fault finding.

Whether your lights have gone out or your wipers won’t wipe we can help you. We also deal with heater blowers, electric cooling fans, electric windows etc. Basically if it’s in your car and it’s electric we can deal with the problem. We don’t claim to be locksmiths but many common door lock and immobiliser problems can be handled, please contact us for details.

Diagnostic Fault Finding & Electrical Repairs

Lights gone out, wipers won't wipe, heater blower stopped, electric cooling fans failed, electric windows not working or stuck, high beam won't work, indicators not flashing, seats not heating etc. We provide an expert Diagnostic and Fault Finding service to work out what is wrong so that we can then fix it for you.

Repair of In-Car Computer Controlled Items

We deal with problems with your engine management systems, airbag systems, ABS brakes, cooler fans, heater blowers, lights, wipers, entertainment systems and many more computer controlled items in your vehicle as well as more complex work such as repairing wiring looms.

Fitting of Batteries, Alternators, Alarms & Immobilisers

Whether your battery is flat, the alternator has failed or the alarm / immobiliser is faulty, we can help. We don't just fit, we check your charging system thoroughly to ensure the correct part is being replaced. We also fit new Alarms to protect your vehicle and contents plus tracking devices to find it should it get stolen!

Fitting of Sat Nav, Bluetooth, TV/DVD, Parking Sensors etc.

We fit devices to make motoring enjoyable with Satellite Navigation to help you find your destination quickly and easily, bluetooth to connect all your mobile devices to your car for voice & music, entertainment for the passengers by way of TV/DVD, parking sensors, reversing cameras etc.