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Auto Electrical Repair Gallery of Projects

Austen Healey 100

E Type Jag


Diagnosed and resolved charging and starting problems.

We fitted a new immobiliser to this lovely car then at a later date new fuseboxes as corroded terminals proved impossible to clean.




Pair of Merc cabrios

We fixed the alarm, roof operating switch and resolved alarm problems on the blue Mercedes and completed a full radio refit on the white Mercedes.

Talbot 110

We helped complete work on the electrical systems for this owner restoration of this beautiful car to the highest standards - one of only 12 with this body type still in existence.

Before and After

Repaired exhaust gas re-circulation valve.

Citroen H Van

We fitted a second battery for a little more oomph to help this van start as it was built in 1959 with 6 Volt electrics. By the way these pics are all of the same van.

Black Museum


Mondeo misfires

Fixed firing problems after finding that a little weather was getting into the spark plug wells.


Looks normal enough, except maybe the Kawasaki ZX-10 motorcycle engine in the boot of course.

Ford WOT2 Truck


Kent Search & Rescue Ford Van

Installed VHF radio equipment, aerials, and extended electrics and lighting to the rear cargo area.

Kent Search & Rescue Mitsubishi

WE have built...

Kent Search & Rescue Repeaters

WE have built...

Cherokee Gear Selector

This is part of the gear selector mechanism which we repaired. Look closely at C11, the rub mark on the top stopped the entire car from running. The signal that had been stopped ran to about eight different items in the car.


We were able to clean and fix this circuit board. Corrosion on circuit boards like this can often be cleaned off saving the cost of replacement.