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Shaun Dale

I am an Auto electrician specialising in electronic fault diagnosis.

I have 30+ years professional experience in electronic fault finding and have invested many thousands of pounds in diagnostic equipment and tools to help me with my work.


Why do you need an auto electrical expert like me…

There have been many improvements in car dynamics and handling over the years.  Electronic aids such as ABS and DSC (dynamic stability control) allow the car to do what the driver demands even in difficult road conditions, then when things go really wrong SRS systems save lives in the accidents that happen when even clever electronics cannot save the driver.

Cars are completely different under the skin now compared to 20 years ago with complex systems that can be difficult and expensive to diagnose, especially as the many computers talk to each other, meaning many systems have to be examined to get to the bottom of the problem on a “what went wrong first” basis.

If you have been to a garage and they have been unable to get to the bottom of your problem or tell you the car is reporting a “spurious code” then come to a diagnostic expert like myself.

How many of you have had a garage replace a sensor because “the computer says so”, I will almost never replace a part until I have confirmed the fault by another means, either by testing it or checking live data etc.

Yes this takes time but it is the only way to make a repair without fitting many costly and unnecessary parts.

Do heed warning lights as these are there to inform the driver one of the systems has detected a problem. If a safety system warning light is on then it will be operating either in a reduced protection mode or not at all, end of , no ifs, no buts.