Air Bag Systems

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Fixing Air Bag Systems

We can:

  • Supply and fit new and used airbags, pretensioners & ECU’s
  • Repair Airbag ECU’s (Crash data), program and configure new airbag ECU’s
  • Reset airbag systems (warning light) on most models
  • Trace faults and Rectify on Airbag Systems
  • Disable airbags on modified (special needs/mobility) vehicles
  • Supply and fit passenger seat occupancy sensors and emulators
  • Supply and fit an airbag cut-off switch to disable the passenger’s airbag

Note: Disabling the passenger’s airbag with the cut-off switch allows for the passenger’s airbag to turned on and off as required. We fit these switches for many different reasons for example transporting infants in the front passenger’s seat in two seater vehicles as well as for child minders with MPVs and for transporting pets in the front seat.