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Fixing & Maintaining Air Conditioning Systems

We offer a complete Car Air Conditioning Service.

Car air conditioning systems require regular servicing to ensure they are operating efficiently. You may not know that the hoses and other components of the air conditioning system naturally allow some of the refrigerant gas to slowly escape, sometimes at a rate of 15% or more in a year. This makes your air conditioning less efficient than it should be and without servicing it will eventually stop working altogether.

To re-gas and service your air con system correctly takes around 1 hour. Some larger vehicles such as Range Rovers that have advanced climate control systems can take a little longer.

We provide an extensive Air Conditioning Service that includes:

  • Temperature checks
  • Full visual inspection
  • Discharge the system
  • Evacuation of air and moisture from the system
  • Leak test
  • Add lubricant, UV dye and then recharge refrigerant to recommended levels
  • Anti bacterial air conditioning treatment to clear any bacterial build up and remove associated odours