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Fixing Engine Management Systems

Petrol Engine Management

The engine mangement warning light indicates a fault with either the emmisions or a mechanical failure of the engine components.

We can read fault codes, program the engine ECU, program new injectors and diesel pumps, reflash the engine ECU to the latest calibration files and carry out basic settings on other components including EGRs, throttle bodies and many more.

Often an engine warning light will come on if a vehicle has not been regularly serviced.


Diesel Engine Management

The glow plug warning indicator can remain on when there is a fault on a diesel engine.

These faults can range from faulty glow plugs, injectors, diesel pump, low fuel rail pressure just to mention a few.

The glow plug warning lamp can also illuminate when there is a problem registered with the DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter)

This warning light should illuminate and then extinguish when the engine is started if operating correctly.

We are able to diagnose faults, program diesel pumps, injectors EGRs, engine ECUs and more.