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Installing GPS Navigation

Forget mapbooks or hand-scrawled directions and have a satellite navigation system (sat nav) fitted to your car to guide you quickly and efficiently to your destination every time.

We supply and fit or fit only sat navs, helping you avoid traffic congestion and warn you of traffic blackspots and speed camera locations. 

Hardwiring Sat Nav Systems

We can hardwire your sat nav, so there are no unsightly trailing leads or power cables, and you always get the optimum satellite reception available.

Even if you already have your own sat nav, we will happily install it for you.

And if you have an old in-car sat nav system you want replacing, we'll carefully de-install the old one for you with minimum mess and fuss. 

Traffic Safety Devices

A GPS sat nav is one of the best traffic safety devices you can buy, especially if it has alerts for traffic congestion, and speed camera locations.

However beware, these sat nav camera alert systems often work from basic and outdated database of fixed speed camera locations, and are unable to warn you of mobile speed camera locations (so-called 'speed traps').