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Installing Parking Sensors & Reversing Cameras

Parking Sensors

With more cars on the road than ever, towns and cities are becoming filled to capacity.

Nowadays you often have a slim chance of finding a parking space and an even slimmer one of coming across one that leaves you plenty of room to manoeuvre in to.

Installing reliable parking sensors in the front and rear of your vehicle can chase away fears of accidental fender benders driving up your insurance by helping you squeeze in to the tightest parking spot.

Whether you’re a driver with a back-heavy vehicle in need of rear parking sensors or reversing aids, want to protect your car lights with some front sensors, or just aren’t confident parking in restricted spaces, we can supply and install parking sensors for all types of vehicles.

Regardless of your requirements we will be able to meet them.


Reversing Cameras

Are you looking for a reversing camera for a car, van or motorhome?

We can supply and install reversing camera systems or simply install the system you have bought.