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Installing TV & DVD Systems

Enjoy your visual media on the move!

There are many different upgrade packages available for you to choose from.

You can have a new stereo with a screen that allows you to watch a DVD, connect games consoles and even reversing cameras! There are solutions for rear seat entertainment options as well, such as flip down monitors and headrest screens! With some of these, there will be a built in DVD player while others will need a player mounted elsewhere such as the glove box in the front. This is perfect for those wishing to have control of the DVD or gaming in the rear, from the front.

There are different screen sizes available and different configurations too! For those screens that do not have a built in DVD player, you can opt to have a car DVD player located in the front glove compartment for easy access when you want to change a DVD or game! Another would be to use rear screens that do not have any optical drive at all; instead you can use your iPod or iPhone as the storage for your entire visual library! Especially with more and more people owning such devices, manufactures of aftermarket accessories have taken this into consideration and have used it as a way of making integration far easier not just from an installation perspective, but from a user perspective as well. With certain applications, it’d be possible to stream online content such as from YouTube right in your car—a great alternative to a traditional car DVD player!

From an entertainment perspective, technology has evolved so much that now in-car visual entertainment solutions are not only insanely small, but are so feature rich, that you’ll never want to leave your car! 

We can supply and install or install a system you have already bought.