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Peugeot 306 Door wiring loom repair work

This particular vehicle was brought to us with no electric window operation and the central locking intermittently “popping up” on its own. It is also possible for the loudspeakers to operate intermittently although this particular vehicle was not suffering from this problem.

1. The first thing was to confirm our initial suspicions that the wiring from the A-pillar into the door shuts was the culprit. In this case a straightforward physical inspection reveals the problem! Broken wires and water damage. Due to the method of construction a repair to the wiring is not a practical proposition.

repair work

2. A new connector complete with wiring tails is required.
It is not possible to just cut off the old one and connect the new as the replacement part is a “generic” item to fit several models, none of the wire colours match (well one does!).

3. Each wire must be tested, connected and sleeved individually.

4. The finished wiring is wrapped in loom tape prior to putting back into place in the vehicle.

5. Finally the connector is treated with water repellent before re-mating the connector.