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Fixing Wiring Looms

We offer repairs to all vehicle wiring systems.

We can trace intermittent wiring faults through the loom and complete a localized repair avoiding unnecessary loom replacement.

Commonly we deal with complete wiring harness failure due to short circuits and fires.

Due to the expense of loom purchase and replacement we can now rebuild damaged looms for a fraction of the replacement costs.

If you suffer a wiring short circuit or fire it is essential to locate the original cause. Most modern day manufacturers have built in fusing / breakers to protect the loom at source, and secondary fusing for individual circuits. Generally wiring loom burn outs happen when this protection has been overridden.

When repairing this type of fault both the initial cause and reason for complete failure must be found. Replacing a new loom onto a vehicle with a underlying fault could end up an expensive mistake.

If a fuse blows, replace it a couple of times with the same rated fuse. If it continues, give us a call and we'll chase the wiring through to locate the fault. DO NOT be tempted to swap the fuse for a higher rating fuse. The fuse is blowing to protect your vehicle saving you from a expensive repair bill. Most loom burnouts are the result of people changing a fuses to a higher protection rating.